Brueggers Bagels satisfaction survey2020

About Bruegger’s

About Bruegger’s: We all know that New York-style Bagels are the best, and Bruegger’s is one the best example. Bruegger’s is a casual restaurant chain that is worldwide famous for its delicious bagels. But, they also have several other dishes. They produce nearly 70 million bagels per year.

On August 27, 2004, Bruegger’s created the world’s largest bagel (868 pounds), which currently holds the Guinness World Record. They cooked it at the New York State Fair.

Brueggers Bagels satisfaction survey2020

About Bruegger’s

Bruegger’s History

In 1983, Nordahl Brue and Michael Dressell originated Bruegger’s Bagels. A franchise named Quality Dining paid $142 million and got hold of Bruegger’s Bagels. The originators also associated the franchise. Within a short period, the combination soon got disconnected. James J.Greco and Sun Capital Partners purchased it in 2003. Today, there are 260 Bruegger’s Restaurants in the United States of America. In 26 states, there are Bruegger’s Restaurants today. Other than Bagels, they also have a Smoked Salmon Plate, Signature soups, Cream cheese, Lunch Sandwiches, Brunch box, Desserts, Garden Fresh Salads, and Quiches. Their customer service number is 1-888-822-5379.

They started doing quite well and started growing. In 1996, a franchise named Quality Dining purchased the company for $142 million. At the same time, the founders also joined the franchise. But, the pair soon got separated within a short period of time. In 2003, James J. Greco and Sun Capital Partners purchased the franchise.

However, now you can find over 260 Bruegger’s locations operating in the United States of America. Presently, they successfully operate over 26 states, selling typically hover around $250 million.

Bruegger’s Menu

In Bruegger’s, you can get different flavors of bagels that come in 17 different unique blends. From Onion & Chive to Jalapeno to Bacon Scallion, all are just perfect for satisfying your hunger cravings.

Not only delicious bagels, but they also have several other exciting options available, including –

  • Smoked Salmon Plate
  • Signature soups
  • New York-style Bagels
  • Cream cheese
  • Lunch sandwiches
  • Brunch box
  • Desserts
  • Garden Fresh Salads
  • Quiches

Apart from the dishes mentioned above, they have a lot to offer. You can explore delicious new recipes by clicking on the option Recipes’ at their official website. You can try those recipes on your own or share the pin with your family and friends.

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